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Material & care

Outer fabric material: 85% viscose, 15% polyester

Lining: 100% polyester

Fabric: Faux leather

Care instructions: Do not tumble dry, machine wash at 30°C, A shrinkage of up to 5% may occur, Do not iron


Collar: Mandarin collar

Fastening: Zip

Pockets: Zip pockets

Pattern: Plain

Details: Zip fastening

Article number: ON321G0QV-Q11


Jacket Faux Black Only Leather Onlsaga 5t4nxCq

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    The noun potentiality is often used where potential or possibility would make more sense. It has a two main dictionary-approved definitions—(1) the inherent capacity to grow or come into being, and (2) a person or thing that possesses potential. The first definition is almost identical to the main definition of potential, however, and the second comes very close to possibility. So potentiality often bears replacement with those more common words.



    For example, potential could replace potentiality in these sentences:


    Moreover, the two countries have recently locked into a territorial dispute that some observers see as an issue with disruptive potentiality. [Daily Star]

    I still have a long way to go to reach a level of completely understanding my inherent potentiality, but I know I am wishful. [Express Buzz]

    The court did not rely on the potentiality that services might be extended beyond six months as a reason supporting denial of services. [quoted on Leagle]

    And these writers use potentiality where possibility would also work:

    Passions understandably have run high during the Israeli deoccupation of Gaza, and eruptions of violence remain an unfortunate but ever-present potentiality. [Roanoke Times]

    Instead we were once again told to be afraid of a potentiality. [Murray State News]

    According to Szotowski, that potentiality is especially grave given the long term effects of bullying. [Print Affordable T shirt Cavalli Black Just BxwE4]

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    1. Ebenzer Son says:

      The potentiality of him dying is high due to his contraction of cancer.

      Is the above correct in its usage as substitution for “possibility”?

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